Can You Legally Drive With a Cracked Windscreen in The UK?

Can You Legally Drive With Cracked Windscreen Uk, Windscreen Replacement Manchester

When a chip ends up damaging your car’s windscreen, you may feel as though it’s fine to simply carry on and do business as usual. Did you know, however, that you could actually be breaking the law? 

The last thing you’d want to get caught in when you’re on the road is a fine, so if you’re curious as to whether or not it is legal to drive with this kind of damage on your windscreen, we here at Manchester Car Glass Repair are here to help. 

Why Are They Dangerous? 

A lot of people assume that the windscreen is not much of an integral component on the car. The truth, however, is that a car’s windscreen is constantly being put under stress from the external environment. Wind, debris, inclement weather: you name it, the windscreen’s job is to shield it. Because of the importance that this glass has on the structural integrity of your car, this will also mean that any damage done to it is a serious issue. With time, a small chip or crack can grow to be double, even triple its size, causing this glass to become a serious danger to you or anyone inside of the car. 

UK Windscreen Laws 

When you drive with a damaged windscreen, there’s a good likelihood that you can be pulled over. If stopped, you run the risk of getting fined and receiving three penalty points on your license. When taking a look at The Highway Code, you will find that a driver’s view should never be obstructed by imperfections in the glass. A chip or a crack is considered an obstruction on the windscreen. The reason why this law is taken so seriously is because, as we previously mentioned, damage like this can cause one’s safety to be put at risk.  

How One Can Get It Fixed 

When you decide that your chip or crack needs to get fixed, the first question you may ask is how car repair specialists will do so. Each and every car glass repair will depend entirely on the damage to the windscreen. When it comes to smaller, less severe chips on the glass, the windscreen can usually be fixed with resin. Larger cracks may need a complete windscreen replacement, however. Regardless of the damage done to your windscreen, always do your research on car repair companies prior so you can find the best deal for the best quality service. 

Let Our Team Help 

If you need the best quality windscreen repair services for the greatest deal, look no further than what our team can do here at Manchester Car Glass Repair. For years, we have helped each and every one of our clients receive the best car glass services possible. To learn more about our windscreen replacement in Manchester and how you can book an appointment with us, be sure to phone our team at 07856689008 today. 


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