Facts About Windscreen

Facts About Windscreen, Windscreen Replacement Manchester

You might be under the impression that your windscreen is just regular glass, but this is not the case. They are made using very specific, industry-standard materials and are designed to adhere to strict safety standards. A windscreen is more than something you look through when driving, it’s there to protect you against many things and especially if an accident occurs. They are a vital element in car design, helping to increase roof strength if the car gets rolled, helps with the deployment of airbags, and keeps people from ejecting from the car if there is an impact. Our team here at Manchester Car Glass Repair have compiled a few facts on why windscreens are an important safety feature for your car.

Basics of Windscreen Glass

The use of high-quality glass has been regulated by the Federal government for all shops. As we mentioned earlier, your windscreen is not made with just any old average glass. There are chemicals and heat that are applied in order to strengthen it when it is being manufactured. This results in the making of tempered glass. This strong glass is resistant to damages and debris. For safety, if tempered glass ever breaks, it’s designed to fracture into thick small shapes as opposed to jagged edges. When being installed, it needs to be bonded with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. This is an exceptionally strong, clear, and flexible adhesive.

How Your Windscreen Protects You

The first and foremost thing a windscreen is there to do is protect everyone inside a car. While driving, it’s normal to have lots of debris flying at your car and hitting the exterior, some are very small and unnoticeable to the people in the vehicle, and others can be large. This means that your windscreen needs to be able to withstand things like bugs, dirt, rocks, rubbish, and gravel on a daily basis. This also applies to small impacts like a fender bender or if you rear-end someone in front of you. Your windscreen is designed to stay completely intact.

Deployment of Airbags

A lot of people are unaware of how their windscreen is directly linked to airbag deployment, particularly for passengers. In the event of a car crash, if the windscreen hasn’t been installed properly, there is a chance it will detach. If this happens, the airbags won’t deploy properly and can result in people sustaining injuries that otherwise would have been preventable.

Supporting The Roof

The frame that supports the windscreen is specifically designed to structurally support the roof of the car. If you have an older vehicle, you will notice that it is built differently and has things called A-pillars for support and keeping the roof intact. However, all modern cars use the windscreen to ensure the roof won’t collapse if it rolls.

How We Can Help

Having high-quality glass for your windscreen is vitally important. Not only does it protect you while driving, it also helps to reduce highway noise, increases gas mileage, and improves aerodynamic performance. If you notice a ship or crack in your windscreen, make sure to bring your car in to our team here at Manchester Car Glass Repair right away for a Windscreen Chip Repair in Manchester! Give us a call today at 07856689008!

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