How To Care for Your Windscreen

How Care For Car Windscreen, Windscreen Replacement Manchester

It’s important to look after your windscreen with regular maintenance. This is going to help prevent things like chips and cracks. It can even lengthen the life of your windscreen, along with increasing driving safety and visibility. Our team here at Manchester Car Glass Repair is going to go over how to care for your windscreen 

Consider the following to maintain your windscreen:  


You can be using things to help protect your windscreen against things like the sun and frost. When your car is exposed to all the elements for the entirety of its life, it can start to have an impact on your windscreen. Covering it when you aren’t using it is a good idea.  


These are things you should keep up with, even if you don’t use them often. When you do use them, you want to make sure they are in top condition in order to work properly. They are also constantly touching your windscreen. We recommend changing your wipers every 6 months. If you don’t, over time, the rubber on them can get damaged and cause damages to your windscreen, like scratches. Not to mention that damaged wipers are a danger to you when driving and needing to use them to help with your visibility. It’s actually against the law to drive around with wipers that aren’t working properly.  


During the winter, you should not use any de-icing products other than an actual de-icer. Never boil water and pour it on your windscreen. Doing this can cause cracks to develop. You should also not use washing up liquid to clean your windscreen. If you do, it will leave a greasy film on your windscreen that can inhibit your visibility.  

How We Can Help  

Proper care of your windscreen is important if you want it to last a long time. However, accidents do happen, and if you ever get a crack or chip, you can come and get a car glass repair in Manchester! Our team at Manchester Car Glass Repair would be happy to help you, 24/7! You can give us a call at 07856689008  

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