Interior Vehicle Leaking Causes

Interior Vehicle Leaking Causes, Windscreen Replacement Manchester

Sometimes, a windscreen doesn’t show damage by a chip or crack. There are times when it presents itself when water is found leaking inside the vehicle. This particular issue can present itself during autumn, when there are low temperatures and heavy rain. We here at Manchester Car Glass Repair recommend giving your vehicle a good check every few months, especially when Autumn comes around for issues like this. We are going to go over some causes of interior vehicle leaking 

Causes of Vehicles Leaking Internally 

There are 3 top causes for water to be leaking inside your vehicle. 

Windscreen Gaskets Leaking 

Certain things and conditions can cause your degeneration in your windscreen and its gaskets that will allow it to start leaking. This can include weather conditions, vibrations, and temperature. And of course, natural wear and tear over the years. Gaskets are what seal the windscreen to the frame of the vehicle. Therefore, if any space is created, water is going to be able to leak into the vehicle.  

Roof Gaskets or Seams Leaking 

If the seams on your roof become rusted over time, this can allow water the chance to get inside your vehicle. A good indicator of this issue from outside your vehicle is cracks or bubbling in the paint along these seams. In order to try and avoid this from happening, try to shield your vehicle from wet weather conditions, particularly overnight. Rubber gaskets are what typically join the metal panels together on the roof of a vehicle. Over time, these can wear out before the metal shows any signs of wearing. If water gets in and freezes, it expands and causes bigger gaps and cracks which let water get into the vehicle.  

Sunroof Drain Blocked 

If you have a sunroof, leaking can be common. This is due to the gaskets and seams getting worn out quickly, which allows water to get inside the vehicle. But sometimes, this isn’t the cause. Sometimes the drain can be blocked. Drains are designed specifically to collect water and then divert it away to drain off the vehicle. If this gets blocked, water builds up and can eventually start leaking into the vehicle. When this happens, a professional team will need to fix it.  

How We Can Help  

If you find that water is getting into your vehicle, our team at Manchester Car Glass Repair can help you resolve it, especially when it’s windscreen related. With our 24-hour car glass service, you can count on us to help you, no matter the time! Give us a call at 07856689008!    

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