Signs Your Windscreen Needs Replacing

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Your windscreen is specifically designed to be strong in order to help protect you from everything outside your vehicle. This includes things like debris, hail, wind, dust, snow, and rain. Not to mention if there is an accident, they are meant to hold up better than other glass. In order for your windscreen to be at its best performing, it needs to be free of defects in order to protect you properly. Having a clear view is also in your best interest while driving around, this allows you to navigate the roads as safely as possible to let you get from point A to point B without a hitch.  

If a windscreen gets damaged, some people don’t pay much attention to it and simply ignore the defect. This is sometimes attributed to how they feel it’s a hassle, inconvenience, or too costly to take time to get it fixed or replaced. But not getting it fixed is a safety risk that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our team at Manchester Car Glass Repair wants to go over the signs when you need to replace your windscreen 

Obscured View 

Having an obscured or compromised view can happen from a few things. The most common are:  

-Cracks and chips especially big ones that result in a spider web-like formation
-Small defects that are directly in the driver’s line of sight, affecting the visibility and vision
-Worn out or unclear glass 

When any of these things happen, it’s important to get your windscreen replaced immediately in order to stay safe on the roads, not just for you, but for anyone and everyone inside and outside the vehicle.  

Rock Chips 

These can happen and cause varying damages. Sometimes they are small and can’t be seen. However, they can get bigger and when there is a chip that is roughly an inch long, this poses a huge structural problem. It can fail during a collision, where otherwise, it might have held up if it was in perfect condition. The best course of action is to take it in to get fixed as soon as you notice the chip. Find a reliable and experienced shop to take care of the repair or replacement before anything bad happens.  

Inspection Due 

If there are any chips or flaws in your windscreen, it’s smart to get them fixed before your inspection is due. You don’t want a crack, chip, a pit, or any other flaws or damages to cause you to fail. You also don’t want to postpone any replacements after the inspection because you can get a fine if you miss the deadline and your sticker is expired. Do not worry about your sticker if you get a replacement before your inspection. A transfer procedure is performed in order to place it on your new windscreen.  


Any crack that is longer than 4 inches is very dangerous as it can result in the whole windscreen failing if you get in a collision. For a rollover accident, if your windscreen fails and blows out due to a crack, it’s possible that the roof can cave in from the missing glass. Not only does your windscreen provide a barrier against the outside world, it supports the structure of your vehicle and roof.  

Not Installed Properly 

If your windscreen has not been installed correctly, you will hear a wind whistling noise or leaking. If this happens, you have two options;  

  1. Go back to the same shop and have it redone  
  2. Find a new reputable shop to get it done at 

Don’t let a shop get away with shoddy work, your safety is at stake and they should do it properly. This is why it’s important to do some research before going to any shop for this important repair.  

How We Can Help  

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