What are the Black Dots Around a Windscreen?

Black Dots Around Windscreen, Windscreen Replacement Manchester

If you own a vehicle, you might have noticed black dots around the perimeter of your front and back windscreen. Do you know what these black dots are? Our team at Manchester Car Glass Repair wants to talk about what they are.  

What is a Frit Band?  

The technical term for the black band and dots surrounding your windscreen is known as a frit band. It’s a baked-in ceramic paint that is made to be virtually impossible to get off. There are 3 main purposes for this frit band.  

The first, and most important thing is it prevents UV rays from deteriorating the sealant used to attach the windscreen to your vehicle. The next thing is that it’s rougher and helps to create a textured surface for the adhesive to stick to. Since it’s black, it also hides the glue from being visible on the outside. Now, the frit band is standard on all vehicles since it’s a way of protecting the glue and ensuring good adhesion.  

The Dot-Matrix 

The dots you see coming out from the frit band also have a purpose. It has a halftone patter that gradually decreases the size of the dots, which helps with aesthetic purposes. This particular pattern simulates a smooth gradient as you move inwards from the outside of the windscreen. It’s meant to provide a visually pleasing transition from the solid black frit band to the rest of the windscreen.  

Another thing is, as you might have noticed, windscreens are not flat, they are convex. With this bend, the frit band tends to get hotter faster than the rest of the glass. The dots help to distribute the temperature evenly, which helps to minimize any distortion or “lensing”. You may have also noticed more dots behind your rearview mirror. These are known as “third visor frit” and these help to block the sun between the two sun-visors.  

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