What To Do with A Broken Car Window Before Replacing It

What Do Broken Car Window Before Replacing, Windscreen Replacement Manchester

Having a window break is not a nice situation which is also a safety hazard. No matter the cause of a broken window, whether it be from an accident, break in, vandalism, or otherwise, you need to get it fixed immediately. But there are instances where custom glass needs to be made, which will prolong an immediate repair. If this is the situation you are facing, there are certain things you should do. Our team at Manchester Car Glass Repair is going to go over what you need to do.  

Remove All the Glass You Can 

Removing as much damaged glass as possible is the first step for protecting the rest of your vehicle when you experience a broken window.  

When removing, make sure you do the following:  

-remove as many pieces of glass as you can with protective gloves on
-get a vacuum to remove any remaining pieces
-put the hose by the window seal to remove any stuck glass inside 

We recommend vacuuming the seats and floor of your vehicle a few times in order to ensure all the glass has been picked up. This is going to avoid the risk of injury for anyone entering the vehicle.  

Carefully Wipe the Frame Area & Window Seal 

Take a soft, damp cloth, take your time and thoroughly wipe down these two areas. Remove as much of the dirt and dust as you can. Doing this is going to allow you to properly close off the area.  

Close the Window 

If going to a repair shop is not possible in your immediate future, you need to close off the window area for the time being. When you have properly cleaned it, you should do the following:  

-get clear packing tape, run vertical strips across the window opening. This provides a better seal and helps to keep moisture out.
-make sure to do this on the inside of the vehicle, not the outside. You can peel the paint if you do. 

How We Can Help  

If your vehicle has had window damages, our team here at Manchester Car Glass Repair can help with our Car Glass Replacement in Manchester. We offer 24/7 services, so that you can get your vehicle fixed anytime you need it most, day or night. Call us at 07856689008!      

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