When To Get Your Windscreen Replaced

When Get Windscreen Replaced

In order to have optimum safety when driving, you should always have a clean windscreen. Getting regular cleaning of your car glass will be able to provide you with a comfortable and safe driving experience. But when your car glass gets damaged, this poses a major problem and can be dangerous, not to mention it can also result in a mandate if caught. This makes it imperative to replace your windscreen at the appropriate time. Our team here at Manchester Car Glass Repair is going to go over a few things you should know about when to get your car glass replaced. 

As a driver, your windscreen is vital to your driving ability, visibility, and safety. But this is the part of the car that is susceptible to the most damages on a regular basis. Certain damages can occur and initially seem harmless, but when left, can become worse over time. This neglect from drivers can lead to worse damages and more expensive repairs. You can see some damages after things like scraping the windscreen with a plastic tool, or if a rock hits it while driving. 

When To Replace Your Windscreen

In accordance with the Road Code, you should be paying attention to any damages that happen and get them fixed before they get too bad and obscure your visibility. If you are found to be driving with a cracked or scratched windscreen that directly affects your ability to see properly, you will receive a mandate. If during a technical examination, there is clear damage in front of the driver on the windscreen, it will not pass the inspection. But if you only have small scratches on the surface of the glass that is somewhat limiting visibility and caused by natural consumption, an exchange is not necessary. It is advisable to get the car glass polished from a mechanical service over once in a while. 

A replacement will be necessary, however, if it has been hit by a stone. Even if the damage appears small and innocent, it will undoubtedly over time, become much bigger. Linear cracks are particularly a problem, especially when they span the entire length of the windscreen and are impossible to repair. This is when a replacement is absolutely necessary. Only get your replacement done at a high-quality, reputable, special mechanical service location. 

Replacement Process Steps

Here is how a windscreen is replaced: 

-The gaskets need to be removed. According to the production recommendations, doormats and other parts should also be removed.
-Using a wire or knife, the glass needs to be cut out.
-Suckers are then placed on the glass to remove it.
-The old glue that once secured the glass is then examined. The removal should have left a clean and smooth surface, being cut up to 1-2mm, allowing room for new glue.
-The stuck part of the glass needs to be paid special attention to and have the base cleaned.
-The car body state also needs to be examined.
-If there is any corrosion found, it will need to be cleaned and removed.
-The right glue needs to be applied and the glass installed.
-Suckers are used to properly fit the glass in place and make sure it is secure, then tapes are temporarily used during the drying process. 

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