Windscreen Chip Dangers

You are most likely aware that if you ever get a windscreen chip or crack, that you need to get it fixed as soon as you can. Do you know why? And do you know what the long-lasting impact can be? There are potential dangers that can occur if you drive with a chip or crack in your windscreen. Our professional team at Manchester Car Glass Repair is going to go over what you need to know on how you can stay safe by getting your windscreen chip or crack repaired quickly.  

The Dangers 

Driving around with a chip or crack is risky and dangerous, not only to you but to anyone in the vehicle with you and anyone outside your vehicle. Some of the dangers are: 


Depending on the location of the chip and how big or visible it is, this can be very distracting when driving. Leading you to take your eyes off the road to look at it. Which is very dangerous, especially when it is done continuously.  

Weakened Glass 

Once your windscreen is chipped or cracked, this instantly weakens the whole thing. The structural integrity is no longer whole. This can lead to it completely shattering. It can be particularly prone to this when there are fluctuating temperatures. While driving with a chip, the vibrations can cause it to expand. Temperature changes can also cause it to get bigger or cause more chips to form. Over time, this can mean that you need an entire windscreen replacement instead of a repair. If left for too long, it can also cause the windscreen to shatter. Which is extremely dangerous, as it can happen at any time, particularly while driving.  

Blind Spot 

Blind spots can be created depending on where the chip is located. If it does form a blind spot, while driving, this is a problem that can lead to collisions, bumps, or full road accidents. In order to protect anyone in the vehicle and other people on the roads, it is important for you to get a chip repair as soon as you notice it.  

How We Can Help  

If you notice a chip or crack in your windscreen, no matter the size, you need to get it fixed immediately. Our team here at Manchester Car Glass Repair is here to offer you 24/7 Windscreen Chip Repair in Manchester! Come to our shop at any time, day or night and we will be here to help you! You can give us a call at 07856689008! 

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