Windscreen Replacement Aftercare

Manchester Windscreen Replacement Aftercare

When you get a windscreen replacement, it’s important to know how to take care of it afterwards. Keeping it in good condition is a great way to maintain your investment. This is also going to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Our team at Manchester Car Glass Repair wants to go over windscreen replacement aftercare 

Avoid Driving Right After Windscreen Installation 

For the next couple hours after you get your windscreen replaced, you should hold off on driving around. These are the most crucial hours that allow your windscreen to cure properly. An adhesive is used to hold the glass to the frame of your vehicle. This creates a strong hold and waterproof seal. The drying time for this is critical, it needs enough time to set properly and dry completely. If disturbed, the seal won’t be set properly and you can have water leakage. It also makes the glass more volatile. Plan to wait at least an hour after installation.  

After the hour has passed and you are ready to drive away, before you get in, carefully look for any shards of glass that might have fallen into your vehicle from the old windscreen. The technicians will try to get it all and clean it up before you get your car back but it never hurts to be careful, just in case.  

2 Day Care 

You should take some precautions in the first 2 days after getting a new windscreen. One of the first things is to keep the windscreen clear. This means don’t put any covers on the outside or inside of it. In the first 48 hours, if something touches it, there is a chance that it can stick to it. You want nothing to push down on it from the outside, or up on it from the dash. The next thing you will want to do is keep a window slightly open. If temperatures rise and fall, in a closed car, this can make the pressure inside build up, causing extra stress on the windscreen. This can end up breaking the seal if the adhesive is still in the drying period. To avoid this, keep a window slightly open, about an inch, to allow better air flow and to keep the pressure inside your vehicle down.  

The next tip might be hard for some people but it is necessary. Although it’s not aesthetically pleasing, technicians are going to leave retention tape around the windscreen moldings in order to hold it in place and protect the seal while drying. This should be left for the two days after installation. Another important thing is to avoid high-pressure car washes and power washers. The use of these within the 2-day timeframe can damage or shift the moldings before they set completely. If you really feel the need to wash your car, prepare for a good old fashioned hand wash. The last thing you need to do is be gentle with your car. This means no slamming the doors closed and trying to steer clear of roads in poor condition.  

How We Can Help  

When you’ve spent the time and money to get your windscreen replaced, you want to make sure the new one is going to last. Maintaining it doesn’t actually take a lot of work, it’s mostly just being mindful of it for the first 2 days. With proper care, you can make it last a lifetime. If you need a Manchester Windscreen Replacement, our team here at Manchester Car Glass Repair is ready to help, whenever you need it! We are open 24/7 and can be reached at 07856689008  

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