Windscreen Replacement: How Does It Work?

Manchester Windscreen Replacement How Works

Hopefully, you will never have to go through a windscreen replacement. But they are one of the most common auto repairs. This isn’t entirely surprising as there are many hazards laden on the roads every time you go out driving. Which is how you might need a windscreen replacement one day. We here at Manchester Car Glass Repair are going to go over how you might end up needing a windscreen replacement and how the process works. 

Some Risks 

Here are some things that can give your windscreen a chip or crack that leads to a replacement.  

-Gravel Roads
-Being In A Car Accident
-Construction Vehicles or Large Trucks
-Bad Windscreen Installation or Construction 

No matter what originally caused a chip or crack, or how small it is, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. This is because your windscreen provides as much as 30% of your vehicle’s structural integrity and strength. Even if you have a small chip, it can evolve into a much larger one that can obstruct your sight.  

Finding A Chip Or crack 

When you spot a chip or crack, of any size, the first thing you should do is go to a trusted, reputable, and skilled car glass repair company. Once there, a technician will be able to evaluate the size/depth, type of glass damage, and location of the chip or crack and determine if a repair or a replacement is necessary.  

Getting A Windscreen Replacement 

Once your windscreen has been examined and you need a replacement, the following steps are going to go over the process.  

  1. Two people are going to be required to install the new windscreen in order to ensure a perfect placement. Skilled technicians will come and install your windscreen with precision to make sure of the exact right placement so there is no leaking, whistling, or other issues.  
  2. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to an hour for the actual replacement.  
  3. The first order of business is to remove your damaged windscreen. There are special tools used to cut and easily remove the glass so that it has a clear setting and is ready for the new one to be installed.  
  4. Next is the adhesive application. A sealant is applied to the windscreen mounting area. Urethane is what the technicians will use that is specifically for automotives. It has a psi of 1000 and is very hard to cut.  
  5. Your new windscreen is then prepped, completely cleaned, and garnish moldings are attached.  
  6. Now that it is ready, it is then put into place by the two technicians. They work closely together to carefully and cleanly lay the new windscreen into place.  
  7. One it has been successfully installed, it’s recommended that you wait an hour to allow the adhesive time to properly dry. But that is just an average. Certain factors can make the wait time less or more. Your technicians will be able to inform you how long you should wait.  
  8. If you have any permits or decals that were affixed to your previous windscreen, you will now need to get them replaced and put on your new windscreen.  
  9. After your new windscreen has had time to dry, you can remove the protective tape and be on your merry way.  

How We Can Help  

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