Windscreen chip repair

We take great pride in our “Repair First” guarantee, according to which we will typically save you money and time by attempting to fix a stone-chipped windscreen Chip repair, before replacing it. Any time a chip becomes a crack, it usually happens when you least expect it to. Because of this, it’s critical to fix a chip in your windscreen as soon as you notice it. Contact us for Windscreen Replacement Manchester quote.

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Claiming for your windscreen Repair

You often just have to pay your excess if glass damage is covered by your car’s insurance; this won’t take away from your no claims bonus. We’ll handle the paperwork and take care of the bother if you need assistance filing an insurance claim.

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Chip repair recommendations:

  • Don’t disregard windscreen chips because they can make it difficult to see while driving.
  • Keeps the windscreen from needing to be replaced entirely in the event that the chip develops a crack.
  • To restore the strength of your windscreen, specialised adhesives are employed.
  • The entire service only takes about thirty minutes.
  • Make an immediate appointment for a windscreen chip repair, either in-store or via our mobile vans.
  • Prior to booking, please ensure that your chip is less than 25mm.